Security Services to Protect You From Threats

There are several factors that you need to consider before hiring a security team to protect you or your property. At American Guard Group LLC, we have highly trained armed and unarmed guards for your security needs.

Choosing the Right Security

Armed Guards

Armed guards work best in an environment where they can use their skills. They are usually hired to protect highly valuable things like jewelry, money, and more. You can also hire them if you are a renowned individual or if your property is in a crime or violence-prone area.

Unarmed Guards

You may think that having armed guards are better than unarmed ones, but it is not entirely true. Unarmed guards are well-trained to prevent crime and violence without having to resort to using lethal weapons. They work best in protecting people and properties.


What We Offer

AGG’s service offerings include security staffing for:

  • Residential Buildings

  • Commercial Buildings

  • Industrial Facilities

  • Distribution Centers

  • Retail Centers

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Financial Institutions

  • Construction Sites

  • Homeless Shelters/Transitional Living Facilities

  • Party Buses

  • Special Events

  • Front Desk Staffing

  • Professional Door Staffing

In addition to staffing we also provide:

  • Mobile Patrol

  • Professional Security Consulting

  • 20 hour security training certification

Hire Our Security

At American Guard Group LLC, we don’t just protect our clients. We also think of ways to improve their security from evolving risks and threats that surround them. Contact us today to hire our services.